‘Free To Roam’ by John Florence, Gold Coast, Australia

The new clip of John John Florence, by film maker Blake Kueny, shows his Gold Coast Australian during the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast 2013. This time, in addition to the Red camera in the hands of Blake, “Free to Roam” included footage of Chris Bryan, with his Phantom Camera (images in super slow motion) and also the participation of skaters Greyson Fletcher and Jack Fardell (current Australian champion bowl). The 03:00 can see perfectly the moment John John fractured his ankle during the expression session of the first stage of the WCT this year. He had won their Round 1 and battery was a few hours ago to face Adam Melling by Round 3 when the accident pulled out of the Tour indefinitely.

Surfer: John John Florence
Skaters: Greyson Fletcher & Jack Fardell
Filmed: Erik Knutson
Edited: Blake Vincent Kueny
Colored: Sean Benik


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