This Is Africa: Jimmy Baxter: Africa

Name: Jimmy Baxter
Occupation: Street Artist / Brand Manager @ Beach Burrito Co.
From: Sydney
Location: Africa


Lets kick this off with a truthful cliché; Africa is a life changing experience. I’ve always compared life to fiction, and recently I can’t help but think of The Hunger Games. We are living in zone one. Rather than chronologically throwing up a months worth of travel across Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania, I thought I would touch on my most memorable thoughts and experiences.

Hiking the impenetrable rain forest in Uganda to visit a family of mountain gorillas, this was all time. The fact toilet paper is a privilege not a right. Remembering to buy enough water to last 2-3 days, as drinking water is not readily available let alone free.

Becoming accustomed to police, guards and security kicking it with AK’s at the entrances to banks, shops, or any building of any importance. Little to no internet, this is a holiday in it’s own right. Taking on the White Nile rapids with a body board and fins . Getting to surf stand still waves in the Nile, I was frothing like a grommet in his first stand up barrel!

Hanging out with the kids from Little Angles School on Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda. This school is completely charity funded and provides an opportunity for some of the regions poorest children to receive education. Claudia and I were able to spend a day painting teaching murals.

A hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara during the great Wildebeest migration at sunrise with my wife. Sitting in a local Masai village hut constructed using only cow dung, mud and wood. Talking local politics with the chiefs son as six infant cows are herded into sleep alongside the family for warmth.

Being able to experience the beauty of the zebra, warthog, lion, cheetah, antelope, gazelle, water buffalo, rhino, giraffe, leopard, hippopotamus and all other creatures that inhabit the Masai Mara, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti was amazing to say the least.

Spending over 100 hours on an overland truck, taking in the ever-changing landscape, people and culture.The rad times I got to share with all the crew I met along the way. Upon my return I realized not only how lucky I am to have been born in Australia but my journey through East Africa will not be the last. Africa gets a tough wrap and is definitely not for you if you want a sit by the pool, don’t leave the five star hotel type holiday. However if your not scared of an adventure, book a trip to Africa and see for yourself.

Jimmy Baxter


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