Ten Pieces: Maurize Terzini and Lucy Hinkfuss: Bondi Icebergs

“That one time at band camp” when Ten Pieces flippin’ rocked their 2015 collection to the MBFWA fashion world in the iconic Icebergs swimming pool! 30 degrees. That’s how hot it was on this particular Thursday in Sydney which unveiled the new Ten Pieces collection by Maurice Terzini  and Lucy Hinkfuss.   As you can see, the TP collection sported strips over black and white simplicity and style that coincidentally (or not) matched the empty, striped Icebergs pool. The music, created by Nicky Night Time helped set the mood with trippy whirly sounds which eventually flat lined into a base heavy hip-hop beat. Fashionistas, family and friends all walked away with smiles on their faces, happy to have been part of the unique show which was sensational and memorable. Thank you!

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