Ten Pieces MBFWA18 Show Was Down Right Rude

Ten Pieces designers Maurice Terzini and Lucy Hinckfuss showcased RUDE within the iconic Bondi Icebergs Dining Room and Bar against a clear blue sky and Bondi Beach backdrop.

Inspired by rude girls and rude boys meets NYC in 1973, with a playlist by Nicky Nighttime referencing Buffalo Girls, and punks from 1967-1981. RUDE showed with edge and attitude debuting dedicated men’s, women’s and unisex styles and introducing tailoring for the first time.

In Ten Pieces’ rebellious, graphic style RUDE is a nod to unisex, punk rock inspired long layers with irreverence in bucket loads. The signature monochromatic palette is expanded to include neon, acid yellow, blues and greens and styled by celebrated stylist Caterina Scardino with models sporting shaved heads, rats tails, nose rings, safety pins and tattoos.

The setting is raw and slick, transformed with live spray painting and RUDE neon decals. Guests feasted on a bright neon painted menu including RUDE Boysenberry Cannolis and Smoked Salmon Paninis, RUDE scewdrivers featuring Ciroc vodka, and Café Freddo, Café Latte and Santa Vittoria Mineral Water.

RUDE is now available on tenpieces.com.au

Photographer: Lucas Dawson

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