Almost Real is a platform that shares stories about Australian creatives that “do what they want, not what’s expected” and drifters that “create anywhere”. A source of inspiring stories, creative people and places.

Everyone has a story. We all want to find ourselves and be able to express without that without judgement. We all have a background that shaped who we are and we can take that experience and make something creative from it.

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M I C H E L L E  O W E N : L A D Y  B O S S : S Y D N E Y

Everyone has a story, we all want to find our purpose and express ourselves without judgement. Curiosity is the foundation to finding your passion. Passion changes everything.

C o n t r i b u t o r s:

Tom Terlaak

Nadine Andrews

Mike Calvino

Stuart Chapman

Katrina James

Katie Kaars

Jess Lacroix

Timothy Nathan

Cloudy Rhodes