SASH & Pabst present…Long Weekend

AR collaborated with legends over at (Sydney day/night event) S.A.S.H and Pabst Blue Ribbon to capture the energy of their long weekend in January.

During the almost 22 hours of ongoing party, DJ and AR Foudner Michelle Owen spoke to international artists, Okain, Nima Gorji, DJ Molly, and Dj Steaw about their experience at S.A.S.H in Australia and invited them to try an Aussie delicacy.


Presented by – S.A.S.H & Pabst Blue Ribbon
Creative direction – Michelle Owen
Production – Almost Real Creative
Video – Jordan Hill and Adam Dioniso
Editor – Adam Dioniso

Special thanks to the artists: Okain, Nima Gorji, Molly, Dj Steaw, the S.A.S.H team and production crew Jordan and Adam.

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