Workshop: Photoshop For Dummies

Almost Real is collaborating with our mates over at The Work-Shop and Graphic Designer Stuart Garske to present, “Photoshop For Dummies”.

These days, we are expected to be unicorns and jack-of-all-trades. Learning new skills will give you that advantage so you can poop rainbows and vomit glitter!

This is a beginner’s workshop and introduction to Adobe Photoshop. It will give you the basic skills needed to understand how the bloody thing works.

You will walk away knowing how to create your own branded suite of digital elements for use on websites and social media.

Creating your own branded online content helps to make your project stand out from the rest and gives your audience something to keep coming back for.

Adobe certified tutor Stuart Garske will guide you through and help you understand the platform so you walk away a little bit smarter.

Venue: The Work-Shop, Redfern, Sydney
Date: Saturday 19th August
Time: 10am – 3pm
Price: $170 (includes lunch)

Art: Creatures Of Habit

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