Photoshop for Dummies w/ Stuart Garske

Name: Stuart Garske
Occupation: Art Director / Graphic Designer / Photographer all round Problem Solver
Current location: Sydney


Hi Stuart, How are you? 
I am well thank you, Michelle. It’s been an interesting year so far, a bit dislocated but thanks to the mobile nature of my work / have wifi can travel, so in spite of my transient nature, things have been going really well.


What is it that you do?
I’d say in broader terms I am a ‘creative problem solver’  for effective visual communication and information delivery. I guess that’s Graphic Design but these days, a client’s needs can be so broad that connecting and training clients with the right technology has become a huge part of my design business. Of course, there’s branding design, printed collateral and websites. Though there are much fewer print jobs, as clients move their businesses towards a completely automated online experience. Providing photographic content solutions for my web clients has become an equal share of my design business over the past few years.


What are your influences?
Fashion has always been a driver for my passions. My career began as a makeup artist working for magazines in Sydney and London so I always have an eye on fashion. Photographers like Steven Klein, Mert and Marcus, Nick Knight and Steven Meisel top my list. The colour treatments, moods and spatial qualities of their images inform and shape my design ideas. I constantly reference design from the past with a particular love of the contemporary designers of the 50’s Paul Rand, Will Burtin and Bo Lundberg. I am a voracious movie watcher, all styles and from any period. My inner child loves animation. I like to look at as much visual content as possible. Pinterest and Tumblr feeds, Reddit and Youtube. I have huge saved image folders. All the things that made me stop and look. It all goes in and I feel gets jumbled around and the essence floats to the surface when you are developing a project for a client.


Why do you like to teach?
I love to share my passions and enthusiasm, encouraging people to reach their goals. I have completed many courses in my adult life and learning new skills from a great teacher is a truly wonderful experience. It can transform a life. And that is no small thing. To be in a position to lend a helping hand to someone who is on that journey is an honour. I enjoy the new friendships that come from working closely with a group as well, and I am always inspired and energised by the students. They are teaching me at the same time.


How do you feel about the Australian education system?
I am gutted at how Tafe has been gutted. I have studied at Tafe several times back when it was more affordable when the variety of creative courses were more easily accessible. People learn in different ways and Tafe with its hands-on approach to learning has served me very well in my working life. I have always felt that governments of the day see the Arts as a dead end career path. Or one that few will enjoy success at so people are pushed into cookie cutter corporate career paths. Training has become such a money grabbing business with little choice for those of us who want to walk a different path or are lacking the funds required to expand our knowledge.


What will the students expect from this course?
Well, with new apps and technology we have many options as creatives as to how we can produce our work. The Adobe Creative Suite of programs has been the stable for designers, web developers, publishers and filmmakers for years. But for newcomers, it is a big monetary investment. This course will introduce creatives to the possibilities of learning and producing work using Adobe programs.

We are beginning with Photoshop as currently much of our content is created for the online space and is heavily image-based, therefore Photoshop is a great program, to begin with. We will be creating multi-layered photoshop files that incorporate logos, text and treated images for exporting to all online social platforms and printed applications.

You will leave with a basic knowledge of the tools and menus used in Photoshop, plus a suite of re-usable templates for your social media applications. We will look at creating a Mailchimp newsletter totally in Photoshop and uploading those files into a Mailchimp template.

So for creatives interested in a guided introduction to the awesome possibilities of working with Photoshop, this is the course you have been looking for.


Any other feedback about the course you wish to share?
Most importantly this is a ‘beginners’ course, a simple yet detailed introduction to a very powerful tool, Adobe Photoshop. If you are interested in a guided test drive of Photoshop you can download a free trial version from the Adobe site which remains active for 2 weeks. So you can download and time your free trial to cover the course day.

A laptop of your own is required for you to complete the tasks on the day. But if you wish to come along and observe that’s ok too.

If you have any existing logos, branding or photography from your own creative projects bring those files along on the day so we can work with your own brand. If you don’t, do not worry all the example files will be provided to you on the day.


Any other questions you might have please email:


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