Mentawai round 2: Robbie Lowe: Indonesia

Name: Robbie Lowe
Occupation: DJ/Surfer
From: Manly Beach, Sydney
Location: Mentawai Islands, Indonesia


Back again in 2015… Same surf charter (D’Bora) and basically same dates in March. I reckon this year we scored better waves. We started our 12 day trip at Lances Left surfing perfect 4 foot waves till early afternoon. Then the wind came up and we headed to the other side of the Island for Lances Right. This is one of the perks of surfing the Mentawai Islands – wind comes up, bail to other side of island!


We did a couple more days of this before heading north to a swell magnet called Burger World whilst surfing a few spots along the way. Burger World is one of the most beautiful spots I’ve surfed. It feels like your surfing under the palms trees that line the shore. It’s a very photogenic location.
After a few days at Burger World the swell was due to kick in so we cruised back South for Lances left then Macaronis. It’s during this time I scored my best waves of the trip. I felt a lot more in tuned this year surfing the famous left-hander and found some good tube time! Then one morning the call was made after an early surf at Macaronis that the furious left-hander called Grennbush was breaking… A few of us took the speedboat over from Macaronis – the closer we got the bigger the sets seemed to get…


I was smiling but secretly shitting myself! We all knew by this stage there was going to be some solid waves here. We rocked up with a few guys out. A set came through that looked 6-8ft. I don’t think I’d ever seen such a perfect but gnarly looking wave. I was now shaking and sort of wished I hadn’t jumped in the speedboat! But I had to paddle out, I could not have lived with myself if I had of bailed on this session. I warmed up on a few smaller ones then slowly built confidence to take a few bigger ones. The next day I got a beauty – took a nice drop straight into a stand up barrel! But the real star of the show out at Greenbush was my brother. He was fearless here and pulled into some of the best barrels I’ve seen.
So that’s another year done. Look forward to the next!
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  • August 19, 2015

    David Knight

    Beautiful images. Really makes you want to go there.

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