Past Her Eyes: Justin Besser: Uluru

past her eyes,
into the abyss,
where dreams manifest,
reality amiss,
the universe collides,
with fictional flesh,
all senses fail,
my ode to death.


Name: Justin Besser
Occupation: Photo/Video
Hometown: Bronte Beach


With work, I find myself in all different parts of Australia and the world, mostly with pretty strict briefs to complete, not really allowing for my own freedom of expression or creativity. I keep a camera on hand to document those moments, that things just look right in my own eyes.

Uluru & the central desert of Australia was one of those places that had always intrigued me in pictures that I’d seen, and I felt I would enjoy the experience of seeing it up close. I didn’t quite anticipate how overwhelming this large rock in the middle of the desert would be. It commands respect from how potent and important its been in the indigenous people’s cultural history and also from a purely geological view being the largest monolithic rock on earth. Seeing the area under fog and rain, but also finding moments of sunshine was quite special, the colour and tone depict a much different landscape than what we normally see in the Australian outback, It can feel really isolating, it felt a lot like a place where life and death strangely entwine.


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