Surf Trippin: Robbie Lowe: Mentawai, Indonesia

For me the Mentawais is my favourite place in the world to totally detach from everyday life and basically reset my mind, body and soul
Words: Robbie Lowe
Occupation: DJ/Surfer
From: Manly Beach, Sydney
Photographer: Joey Melroy
Location: Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
Boat: D’bora 

This was my second trip to the Mentawais and it’s taken me 10 years to get back there. Both trips have had very positive effect on my life and have left me feeling totally stoked. I reckon a lot of surfers would agree with me it’s the ultimate surf trip – mainly because the of beauty surrounding the Mentawai Islands and amount of world class surf breaks crammed into one smallish area.

A typical day consists of eating awesome food, relaxing, drinking beer, fishing, laughing, bonding with mates and of course surfing perfect waves. Even if the conditions aren’t perfect the waves are still a lot of fun to surf. For this trip we used the D’bora boat. It’s quite big boat (80ft timber vessel to be exact) with lots of character. There’s plenty room on the boat, so you can find a spot to yourself for a while or hangout in the main area at the back where a lot of the boys would spend most of the day watching the waves in between surfs and eating. The best thing about the D’bora is the crew and our legendary surf guide Joey Melroy. He was totally on the pulse with making sure we were in the right spot every day for the best waves and the least people in the water. We surfed all the well-known reefs and scored plenty of the swell … HT’s, Lances Left, Telescopes, Scarecrows, Macaronis, Bintangs, Thunders, Hideaways, Bankvaults plus other spots.

My favourite waves on this trip were Hideaways and Lances Left. I seemed to jag a few barrels at Hideaways and really found my feet on my surfboard there surfing this awesome shallow and sometimes hollow left-hander. After a few days the boys gave me the honour of renaming this spot “Robbie’s Left”. Lances left was pulsing a couple days. One morning particularly sticks in my memory as epic. It was a glassy 4-6ft with odd bigger sets. I was out there with my brother and a bomb set rolled through. It already looked like set of the day. We both paddled over the first and I took the second wave. I just remember looking at this massive wall of water in front of me whilst constantly bottom turning and then into long round-house cutbacks all the way to the end of the reef. It was like a rollercoaster ride. I turned around and was looking straight at my brother getting tubed on the next wave! It was a surreal feeling.

For me the Mentawais is my favourite place in the world to totally detach from everyday life and basically reset my mind, body and soul. There’s nothing to think about besides when you’re going to surf next, what board to use and what time you are going to eat next. We are all so stoked from this trip we have already booked the D’bora for another 12 days in 2015…

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