I-MANIFEST charity + 60 students + 20 industry creatives present 3 Day Vivid Workshops

Our friends over at I-MANIFEST creative youth charity compiled twenty creative industry professionals to present a three-day workshop for 60 students as part of the Vivid Ideas festival, in collaboration with CATC Design School and Heckler. Director and founder of I-Manifest, Joanna Pretyman is working towards providing pathways for young people towards real, sustainable careers in the creative economy – and also, to funnel the industry with fresh, diverse and skill-developed talent – the passionate next wave. We salut and support you I-Manifest!

Industry leaders inspiring this next generation and conducting the Vivid Workshops were:

1.     Will Alexander, Executive Producer, Heckler
2.     Andrew Holmes, Motion Designer, Heckler
3.     Mark Simpson, Creative Director, Sixty40
4.     Stephen Hancock, Creative Director, Contently
5.     Bonnie MacTavish, Planning Director, Drifter
6.     Josh Hunt, Creative Director, Drifter 
7.     Adam Stone, Senior Designer, We Are Social
8.     Cameron Gray, Managing Director, The Pool Collective
9.     Simon Harsent, Photographer, The Pool Collective
10.  Sean Izzard, Photographer, The Pool Collective                 
11.  Danny Eastwood, Photographer, The Pool Collective
12.  Juliette Taylor, Photographer, The Pool Collective
13.  Steven Popovich, Photographer, Steven Popovich
14.  Hannah Nixon, Communications Director, The Pool Collective
15.  Brooklyn Whelan, Art Director / Artist, Brooklyn Whelan
16.  Thomas Jackson, Illustrator, Thomas Jackson
17.  Jeremy Lord, Illustrator, Jeremy Lord
18.  Gabby Lord, Designer, Gabby Lord
19.   Nate Smith, Photographer, Nate Smith
20. Kate Peck, Model & MTV VJ

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