Ice Ice Baby: Jimmy Baxter: Iceland

Name: Jimmy Baxter
Occupation: Street Artist
From: Perth
Location: Iceland

Iceland is definitely one country to add to the life adventure list. If you don’t have a list maybe this post will inspire you to start one. Originally what was a brief stop over to check out Reykjavik and the surrounding sites turned into an epic road trip exploring the entire country, and what a beautiful country it is. Not just visually but the people are so kind and welcoming.

100% of Iceland’s power comes from renewable energy and it’s not surprising given the landscape is in constant flux.  A rented 4×4 was our transport and accommodation. This allowed us to treat the trip like a ‘choose your own adventure’ novel and just sleep wherever we ended up when the sun went down. One morning after spending the night in a small fishing village on the east coast we woke to a snow-covered car on what was officially the first day of the Icelandic summer. I definitely beat my own personal ‘how much can I fit into one day’ record- the amount of driving we did in that six days was crazy. It’s also hard to resist pulling over ever couple of k’s to get a photo of yet another amazing waterfall or snow covered mountain range. The sheer diversity of the landscape is a photographer’s dream.

At times it felt like we were on the moon or another planet. With this being said, although we were on the other side of the world I couldn’t help but feel at home. Iceland does share one major similarity with Australia, other than the obvious (it’s an island). Over 90% of the population lives on the coast, as the center of the island is almost uninhabitable.

Swimming in an abandoned hot pool at sunrise with my wife was one most memorable experiences of the trip. It took us roughly six days to drive around the entire island, however when we return for round two I’m thinking more like a month at least to really explore all Iceland has to offer. A special thanks goes out to Anna Guðmundsdóttir and Guðmundur Björn Þorbjörnsson for the hospitality, local knowledge and rad times.


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