Gladys. Wicked witch of the fest.

The new amended legislation to the liquor and gaming license, which was carefully slipped through parliament by the double-dealing, mendacious liberals will be the nail in the coffin for live music within NSW.
This amended legislation does not only affect the dance, electronic or popular music festivals within Sydney, but literally any festival of 2000+ patrons with music as a focus across the WHOLE of NSW.

Be it a small folk festival, blues and roots, arts and culture, festival operators will be handed a fee of up to $200,000 for police presence.
An increase from previous years which previously sat around the $10,000 mark, showing a substantial increase of close to $180,000-$190,000 with no extra benefit from police presence and absolutely ZERO explanation as to why the increase is put into place and what positive benefit or extra safety measures the extra cost will assist in implementing.

If you have any current desire to attend a live music event, or hope to enjoy the rations of culture we have left within Sydney, I strongly urge you to have a look at who you are voting for in March, or there will be no culture left to fight for!

Words: Jordy Waller

Artist: Unknown


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