The Fourth Phase feat. Travis Rice, Sydney film premiere

This process we follow. The cycle we ride.

The follow up to the incredibly innovative “The Art of Flight”  – namely iconic snowboarder Travis Rice’s –  highly-anticipated return in the snowboarding epic The Fourth Phase by Red Bull Media House, distributed by our friend GARAGE Entertainment.

The Australian premiere of The Fourth Phase, took place at The Star, Sydney holding a whopping 1,400 passionate shredders, eager to see What Rice and his crew were up to the last 5 years.

Passion will make you do some mutha trucking crazy things and Travis Rice, age 33, goes above and beyond passion to down right obsession for the love of nature and the elements.

Leading up to the Film premiere, Travis kept his lips sealed as the ‘why’ he called it ‘The Fourth Phase’ but as you watch the film it becomes very clear, explained to the acute detail why…and I won’t spoil it so go watch it for yourself.

Whether you are a boarder, skier, mountaineer or plan adventure seeking hooligan – this is a film you need to see! I walked out feeling the sense of wanting to ‘do’ more, ‘achieve’ more, ‘see’ more…inspiring is an understatement.

All those trips you’ve thought about booking or feeling like you don’t have the time – bloody lazy excuses! Get out there – do what you want!

Travis and his band of bros visit some of the most outstanding mountains on the globe like as Japan, America, and even Russia.

The outstanding amount of camera work used to make this movie is a strong feature, with use of 4K, point-of-view camera, drones, 360-degree camera, 3D and VR.

He teams up with boarders Mark Landvik, Eric Jackson, Bryan Iguchi, Pat Moore, Cam Fitzpatrick, Mikel Bang, Shin Biyajima, Bode Merrill, Ben Ferguson, Victor De Le Rue and Jeremy Jones to go on this epic journey with him while they follow the cycle.

The Fourth Phase is out 15th September at Event & Villiage Cinemas across Australia and on Red Bull TV on Oct 2.

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