Folklore Surfboards: Mar Cubillos: Australia

Mar Cubillos is the founder of Folklore Surfboards, Brooklyn.  Our Colombian friend visited Australia for the first time in April  traveling around the pacific surfing his boards and making new friends. We caught up with Mar in Sydney to share stories and goodtimes. He surfed around Curl Curl, Manly, Byron Bay and then off to Bali…


Name: Mar Cubillos.
Occupation: Advertisement Monkey.
Hometown: Brooklyn.
Current Location: Traveling… (Straya).
Where are you from? Born in Colombia, raised there until I was 16. Migrated to California in 1995. Moved to Brooklyn in 2010.


You are traveling around atm. Where have you been so far and where are you going to next? I took off in October, I’ve been in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Panama, California, Hawaii, Japan, New Zealand and Australia so far. Heading to Bali next.

What are your first impressions about Australia and Australians? What’s not to love about this place? Beautiful people and country, excellent surf. Australians are my favorite people in the world, specially while traveling, whenever I hear an Aussie accent, I want to make friends. I’m sold.

Is Sydney really like LA? Hahahaha, no way. There’s no comparison. They are both different and unique.

Where did you surf whilst in Sydney? How does it compare to where you are from? The first wave I’ve got in Australia, it was at Curl Curl — a beautiful left that covered me completely with an exit door. What a way to be welcomed. The north beaches seemed to be good to me, I scored Manly in pretty perfect conditions a few times. I kept going back for more. The waves back in New York are quite faster and shorter, a complete different wave, still magical.

When and why did you start Folklore? I started Folklore about a year and a half a go, due to the frustration of seeing brand name boards that where all cut by machines and barely see any human hands before being put on display. These boards are still anywhere between $1000 to $1400. I don’t justify these prices, the craft has been lost, everyone is looking to make a profit and high margins, it’s made surfing so commercialized and main stream more then already is. I still believe in having custom made boards, and talking to your shaper, all waves are different, so is everyone’s style, why should you pay $1400 for a machine shaped board tailored with some else’s dimensions? If you are gonna pay that amount for a stock board, at least make sure it was hand-crafted. Shaping a board is art. While we aren’t a recognized name, we make beautiful boards that perform just as good as they look without putting a hole in your pocket. Always experimenting with new shapes.

What does Folklore mean? Folklore is a place full of tales, where culture meets misto stories about the past and new and old traditions are carried over onto next generations. It’s a place for story tellers.

Where can we view your boards? We have a small boutique in Manhattan where the boards can be seen, and soon a few others in Japan and Australia. The interweb is also a good place to stalk us.

Any collaborations coming up? Yes, collaborations are key for us, most surfers are artist and have a variety of talents to offer, we’d like to maximize any potential we can.

Website / Instagram

Photos: Courtesy of Mar Cubillos and friends.

Interview: Michelle Owen

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