Fiji Islands: Katie Kaars: Fiji

Name: Katie Kaars
Occupation: Photographer
Location: Fiji


I had so many different experiences in Fiji.  First stop was Nadi which is a very busy city.  As soon as we got off the bus we were approached by people wanting to sell there native carvings.  They take you to a “market” off a dirt lane way next to a hair dresser and a games hall.  They welcome you with Kava (a drink that tastes a lot like dirty) it numbs your tongue and gives you a buzz which helped us to buy more.  It was a very interesting first day experience!
The next day we flew in a twin engine plane in the most horrendous storm to Savusavu.  We all thought we might die!  When we arrived to the beautiful tropical villa Korovesi, the staff were dancing and smiling it felt like paradise!  Savusavu town was small but fascinating. The food market, the rickety old bus, the people and kids!  I snorkelled, swam in waterfalls and ate fresh fish (that my brother in-law, husband and brother caught almost daily).  One night we had a traditional banquet called a Lovo, the food is baked in a pit in the ground wrapped in leaves it was so good – oh and of course we drank Kava!
Next stop was Castaway a stunning resort and Island.  The reefs for snorkelling were like nothing I have ever seen.  Coral made up of luminous pink, purple and blue.  With so many colourful schools of fish and the warmest of water.  One day we went out the pontoon bar called Cloud9 in the middle of the ocean, where we snorkelled jumped off the side into the warm aqua ocean and enjoyed a pizza and beer whilst admiring the endless blue view.  Castaway was a perfect end to our holiday with swimming, paddle boarding, snorkelling, eating and reading my book.  If you can go do it’s worth every penny!

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