Disconnected Discourse by Gareth Budge @ Deus Bali

ˌdiskəˈnektəd / adjective
Having a connection broken. (of a person) lacking contact with reality. (of speech, writing, or thought) lacking a logical sequence; incoherent.


ˈdisˌkôrs / noun
Written or spoken communication or debate. speak or write authoritatively about a topic.


“Poetry is an archaic animal yet one that concisely captures the psychic separation we endure as our rapidly expanding, technological century builds digital walls between individuals.


Gareth Budge’s poetry collection, Disconnected Discourse, explores the spaces between, the static that separates us one from another. Budge’s words reveal a darkness, an ephemeral shadow of what could have been, what lingers just out of reach. Disconnected Discourse is a dystopian journey of misunderstanding in our modern age of distraction and unease, yet in the end there is a longing, a sweetness, an innocence behind Budge’s cynical insouciance. . .” – A. Robinson


Words By Gareth Budge


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