Chris Chong(y): Misfit Shapes: Sydney

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Name: Chris Chong(y)
Occupation: Sales/ Creative/ Brand Manager – Misfit Shapes
Hometown: Coffs Harbour, Australia
Currently residing: Mona Vale, Sydney

Chris has over 15 years experience within the surf industry in both the retail and wholesale sectors. After five years as a surfing instructor, he moved to Sydney from Coffs Harbour and completed a Music and Business Degree. Upon completion of his studies, Chris went on to spend seven years in store management roles for Shady Haze, Surfection and Quiksilver Retail before moving to Insight as National Sales Manager. In early 2010, his partnership with Dave Howell realised The Sugarmill and Misfit Shapes. Chris is now General Manager of Misfit Shapes and associated brands, specialising in Sales, Marketing, Branding and Operations and is a Director of Misfit Aid and head of Communications.


When I was a child I wanted to be… an actor, a rock n roller, a sasquatch.

The studies I took to get where I am… A music/ business degree but probably learnt more trading blows in the industry.

I’m inspired by…  authenticity, substance, (figurative) sand, old t-shirts.

People I admire… my folks, my business partner (Dave Howell), entrepreneurs and business owners in general, all my pals that are great artists and JC, to be controversial.

I’m currently listening to… as I’m wiring this I’m listening to Bill Hallahan.

The tools I can’t live without are… my MB pro, acrylics draw at work, my mouth.

The obstacles that have come my way… got a couple of hours? There’s been a couple, but they’ve all been of great benefit.

My favourite place place to travel is… I’ve been going for a long time, and it’s changed a lot, arguably not for the best, but I still love Indonesia.

I would like to travel to… Northern India, extensively around NZ and a few more cities in Japan.

The highlights over the past 12 months have been… witnessing overall growth in our business and increased interest from outside of Oz, and having fun in what we’re doing, the past 12 months have been most enjoyable.


Advice I have to share for those who want to get into this profession… I don’t know if its for this profession specifically, but I encourage people stepping out into their own gigs to learn the importance of good communication, well considered partnerships and again authenticity and substance in whatever they’re producing.

The latest project I’m working on… Some fun fun products with Globe brand, then getting the MAD MINDS team up to Japan in September.


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Contributor: Nadine Andrews

Photographer: Katrina James

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