Cal Foster ‘1990’s posers’ Season 2

Melbourne designer Cal Foster has recently launched his 2nd season of apparel and Almost Real had a chat with him to find out more about it…

Hi Cal, What have you been up to since we last spoke to you?
Hey Michelle, well since we last spoke I think I was doing a photography series in Bali last year (made in paradise). Been pretty hectic since then, joining up with the owner of the Melbourne based label “Once We Were Misfits” to create a magazine about art, fashion, photography est called “Underdogtown.” Apart from that, still doing the shoots and creating as much as I can. Keeping busy!

What is the inspiration for the new clothing range?
Well the inspiration behind 1990’s posers season 2 is really just around my photography. I wanted to create some clothes that had a similar vibe to the photos I produced, and instead of drawing on my images, I would draw on clothes. I was really inspired by the whole D.I.Y punk culture, and creating something that you didn’t have to particularly fall into a category of style to be able to wear it.

Is it all you or did you collaborate with other creatives?
Well for this line in particular it was mainly just me! The models that I used were really helpful. I met Ish and Hayden probably once each before I shot with them, really just vibed on their look. But they were a lot of help with the direction of my photos, as well as my close friends for encouraging me with the fashion design aspect.

Where can we find your label?
Well for this line it is all unique 1/1 pieces. The best place to find them is on my website otherwise if you want to just have a geeze at some of the images that I created for the series you can catch it on my Instagram. Depending on how well this line goes I might look into stocking t shirts and more items of clothing for future seasons.

Instagram // Website

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