Mike Smith + Glen Cassidy: Cake Wines: Sydney

Name: Glen Cassidy
Occupation: Cake Wines Co-foudner
Hometown: Sydney
Currently residing: Sydney

Cake Wines is an Australian, boutique independent wine business, created by a couple of young wine and culture lovers, Mike Smith and Glen Cassidy.  100% behind supporting Australian culture Cake Wine initiate social programs like their most recent project ‘SUPPORT THE SUPPORT’, encouraged people to head to gigs earlier, support the support, and claim a complimentary glass of our wine. Another exciting project about to launch “The Art Of Conversation” with the Newtown Hotel commencing soon. 

Cake Wines are pretty rad to give 10% of the proceeds to independent radio stations nationwide, running month long pop-up bars, hosting food nights, film nights and other cultural experiences or simply getting involved in interesting forward thinking ventures that celebrate wine and the culture it creates. Cake Wines making team are based in the Adelaide Hills and the head office in Sydney.

AR visited their HQ to have a few vino’s with the lads.

Questions answered by Glen Cassidy.
When I was a child I wanted to be… I was never sure, so I tried lots of stuff and then just kept doing more of the stuff that I got the most satisfaction out of.
The studies I took to get where I am now were…Arts / communications degree, Masters of Business, Award School…and lot’s of nights drinking wine with my dad listening to stories of how “when he was a kid everything was 20 times harder”. I learnt a lot about wine and life in the process…probably the best “education” I ever had to be honest.
Inspired by…Creative ideas that have a positive impact on the world…in whatever field.
The tools I can’t live without are…a spittoon, my nose, a turntable, the Internet.
The obstacles that have come our way…Where to start. We’ve come into a very challenging industry, with loads of “obstacles”. Making the wine, selling the wine, doing interesting stuff with the wine and the brand, money, debt, and other daily curveballs…somehow through all that we are doing ok.
The highlights over the past 12 months have been...Producing new vintage and most recently, selling out of a few wines in our current vintage, pretty stoked about that. Support the Support, opening our office in Redfern, steadily growing…that’s all pretty exciting stuff.
Advice we have to share for those who want to get into this profession…Talk to as many people as you can and then cherry pick the best bits. You’ll get handed an imaginary “rule book” pretty early on, read it back to front then find your own voice and stick to it. 
The latest project we’re working on…We’re just about to launch some new wines, a food + wine matching idea we’re rolling out, the 2014 Archi-bottle Prize…there’s even talk of a Cake Wines cellar door,but one step at a time.

Below are the featured artists showcased in The Artist Series…

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Photographer: Katrina James

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