Brett Chan: Multi-Media Artist: Sydney

“I am the strength of a thousand suns the silent Shepard of undying love I am the wrath of the woken child oscillating atoms within their rampaging realm”


Name: Brett Chan
Occupation: Multi-media Artist
Hometown: New Zealand
Current Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney

Brett Chan is a Sydney based skateboarder, multi-media artist and cosmic being. Originally from New Zealand, Brett moved to Sydney over 10 years ago and now calls Bondi Beach his home. He doesn’t have Instagram or Facebook, couldn’t care less about a smart phone calling this digital era a ‘zombie nation’ and believes the key to human evolution is through science and art. Hooked yet? You may have seen his street art wall murals walking around Bondi Beach. His psychedelic output brings good vibes to those who see and hear his work. His most recent creative ejaculation is the album ‘Entrances and Exits’ which also has a visual concept to describe the music and was recently premiered at Splendour In The Grass 2015.  Over a vino or two, AR spent the afternoon hanging out with Brett in his hood…

When I was a child I wanted to be…free.

The studies I took to get where I am… took place in the streets, the beaches and the forests. but mostly internally.

I’m inspired by…being alive. i have an intense sense of destiny and appreciate my lineage in this current history of mankind.

I admire…animals and nature, multi dimensions and anyone who thinks for themselves.

The tools I can’t live without…this doesn’t relate to your question, but you know how the other day you were saying that I’m involved in a lot of projects? it made me think how in films i always liked when an actor came in and did a character that wasn’t in the whole movie, but was interesting and had a vital impact on the overall film. so when i was thinking about the variety of making an album or doing a mural or jewellery or skateboarding or whatever. i realised that my style is to just move in and out of genres. i would hate to do just one thing all the time. i would rather just cameo in whatever genre i was interested in.

The instruments I use… this is not related to your question either, but i just finished a book about galelio. you know. he used the telescope to map the planets and measured stuff. pretty enlightened philosopher given that it was the 1620’s. he was tried of heresy by the church. because he supported the idea of the planets revolving around the sun. but oh shit, look what happened….. planets revolve around the sun.

In one of my songs (DMTASTIC) the chorus is: “in death we will prove the value of your life and mine anyone who ever did anything of any worth was considered crazy within their own time”

My favourite book…I belong to the library. its fresh. the books and dvds are free to borrow. you can hold them in your hand. its tangible. a book exists in reality. they aim for all information to become digital so that it lives in a cloud and can only be accessed by your implant…so you have to be a good citizen or else no access! The tin foil hat in me can see that the aim is to make it the same with digital money too. it could easily happen in 2 generations.

The website I hang out on the most…

I’m currently listening too…my album (ENTRANCES & EXITS) because it just got mastered and i have made a feature length film for it, that includes a video for each song. so if any one reading this ever edits, you know how much you watch and hear the same stuff repeatedly, as your working on it. but I’m not sick of it so that’s a good indication of its worth. i have listened to it for a year solid. it is premiering at Splendor (2015) and will have worldwide release soon after. it will all be free. my gift to humanity. its a comedy people. downloadable on

The obstacles that have come my way…get easily surpassed. actually sometimes its fucking hard. but if you cant go under or over, you gotta go through.

My favourite place in the world…it’s not my favourite, but for the linear time being, i am in a human body.

Do you watch movies? I really like John Carpenter. The guy who did holy mountain too and Robert Rodriguez or Eli Roth. Peter Jackson. Louis CK. Larry David. Ricky Gervais. They do everything. music and camerawork, writing and editing, acting, directing. It’s cool. Each one, in any interview I ever read of them was like, just get out there and do it. Tarantino too. George Lucas. I also like Tina Fey.

My travel essentials are…once in Mongolia, I rode a horse to this lake that bordered China and Mongolia and Russia. I swam in the lake from where the water came off all the surrounding snow capped mountains. It was as pure as water I will ever be in I imagine. There was also a pack of wild horses there, that I walked up to and hung out with as the sun set. It sounds unbelievably idyllic, the water was so cold that I used it to keep this 6 pack cool cause the yurts had no power in them.

One thing I would like to do but haven’t got around to it yet…have you seen that Jacque Fresno guys ideas. He is so dope. Future by design. Anyway, the other day I was thinking about how all these things I loved, that people, adults and even my peers at the time when I was growing up, told me for certain that they were shit, and that being into them would lead to ruin, like art or skateboarding or comics or whatever, are all now super popular. So 5-8 years ahead! ha ha. I’m just saying.

The highlights over the past 12 months have been…Just making this album. The whole process. It’s super radical coming up with a visual concept to describe the music. Then working with Michael on it. I had previously written the words. That’s a whole other head space. Then delivering them in his studio. Then making a film for each song. Then combining all 8 songs into one film. I really enjoy the process. I liked writing, directing and starring in the scenes with my friends, that link all the songs together, to make one cohesive story arc. ENTRANCES & EXITS is one mans journey through multiple dimensions in a quest to triumph good over evil.

Also…Hey what else is cool but not cool. Man, I am not into cell phones. I’m still analogue and everyone is tripping. No Instagram, no Facebook. I know it’s super popular but it also seems kinda gronk, everyone zombied out hunched over their screens. Swiping! It’s the worst when you see babies doing it. You know all the rich people including Bill Gates, who instigated computers in schools, won’t let their kids use computers till way later in life. They get taught practical skills. Like farming. It’s the zombie nation. This old couple actually stopped me on a train and said it was refreshing to see someone read an actual book. We must merge art and science though. That’s the key to human evolution.

I just wanna shout out to…Vienna People Studios where I recorded my album with Michael Mcglynn. The sandwich gurus at Fat Pickle. Ivan, Brent and Kappa at the Cornerhouse. The homies at The Shop. China Heights Gallery. Ching-A-Lings player club. my bird Cassandra. Lee Ralph and Shane Cross. oh and Scott Lowe and everyone who participated, giving their time freely in the co-creation of ENTRANCES & EXITS.

If you could see your deepest future desires (literally) draw what you would see…





Photography: Katie Kaars
Interview: Michelle Owen

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  • August 19, 2015

    David Knight

    Great post. Throwing my smartphone away as I write this. It’s true though, people are glued to their devices at the expense of real life interaction and experiences.

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