Beach Burrito Jindabyne has popped-up for the snow season.

Beach Burrito Company opens in Jindabyne for the snow season, mixing mountain culture, art, Mexican food, music, & tequila. AR spoke with BBCs Managing Director Blake Read…

Name: Blake Read Occupation: Managing Director Beach Burrito Company Hometown:  Sydney Currently Residing: Clontarf, Sydney Quote: Fuck it….lets do it!

Is this the first time BBC has popped up in Jindabyne? This is our 3rd season so June 2012 was the first one. The real reason I did it so we had a good excuse to go snowboarding more and expose our brand to other markets. It’s turned out to be the most fun thing we’ve done. We get a house every year and take our friends and family down all the time. It gets me out of the office and more importantly out of my business and into the mountains for some fun. Our first party was like opening Bondi again, except this time I was out drinking with the customers not making their food.. Super fun! How long will it be in town for? It always depends on the snow…The first season we did we managed to hang around for 14 weeks. Last year we got 10 weeks and this year who knows but I’d say we’ll at least see September out assuming it actually snows. What did BBC plan especially for the launch/opening weekend in June? The last couple of years there hasn’t been much snow for the opening weekend, but beer and burritos still taste pretty epic! Our THE MOUNTAIN RETURNS opening party consisted of a Live art performance from Canberra based artist JRB,  DJ NKODE(SYD) and CARL(BNE) on the DJ tip. Throw in free product give-aways from ARNETTE, DC Shoe Company, 1800 Tequila and delicious Mexican food, you’re off to a good start. What events does BBC have planned over the season? We have a bunch of sweet events confirmed, and some still in the mix. DRAGON  are throwing their #WEAREFRAMELESS Tour Launch Party in the coming weeks. The crew from OFFSHORE SNOW SHAPES are holding a Board Exhibition/Party onJuly 9th to mark the half way point of their OFF GUTS Demo Tour. Our Creative Creatures artist initiative will also see a bunch of Live Art events, with some new names set to join the BBC Familia. BBC are stoked to be hosting a live screen printing party with some well known names and brands, it’s going to be sick. We will also have a mix of DJ’s and Live acts set to perform throughout the season. KALLIDAD is one group not to be missed, their intensity of their set is killer! You can keep in the loop on our Jindy FB page and the Burrito Website. What are BBC’s thoughts on skiers vs snowboarders? I started out skiing and have a great respect for it because its hard. Skiing taught me about edge control and to use them rather than slide your board around. When you’ve been snowboarding as long as I have you learn to just love the snow no matter how you play with it. No one can deny how RAD new school skiers are, but I’d say BBC is a snowboarder at heart as its my passion. I’ve spent a lot of time and money the majority of my life chasing it around the world. What does the BBC Jindabyne soundtrack sound like? Our Music tastes are like a good Burrito. A little bit of everything all rolled into one. Rock, Hip-Hop, Funk, Reggae, Metal, Dance, Trip-Hop and anything else that tickles our fancy. Here are couple of tracks you my find whist eating your Nachos. Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City ‪The Notorious B.I.G. – “Juicy” ‪RUFUS “Sundream” Official Video   BBC is open: Monday-Friday 6pm-Close / Saturday & Sunday 12pm-Close JINDABYNE LEVEL3 SHOP5 3 KOSCIUSZKO RD Jindabyne NSW 2627 Ph:(02) 6457 2681

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Photos courtesy of BBC.

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