BANKS creative collaboration with Dane Peterson for Fall/Spring

AR spoke to Rama McCabe, BANKS Founder about the creative collaboration with Photographer Dane Peterson and surfers Jared Mell and Kahana Kalama, for their new Spring 17 collections.


Who did BANKS collaborate with on the recent campaign?
Our Art Director Jay Quirk worked with Photographer/Surfer and long time pal Dane Peterson to capture our comrades Jared Mell and Kahana Kalama in some of their natural habitats along the Southern California coastline.

Why did you choose to work wth Dane and Jared?
Tim (Co-Founder of BANKS JOURNAL) and I have been friends and big fans of Dane since we were kids. Dane spent a bunch of time in Byron Bay where we both grew up and have always wanted to work with him on some projects. Earlier this year we brought Dane on as a Principal Photographer so he now shoots all of our campaigns. The partnership works great as he has such an amazing eye for detail and really brings to life the essence of our brand through his photography. With all of our shoots we try to use our comrades rather than models to Kahana and Jared are an easy pick as they make the product look great and are always super easy to work with.

Any inspiration behind it?
For this campaign, we simply wanted to showcase the daily lifestyles of Kahana and Jared in and around some of the places they call home.

Where was the location?
We actually shot in a bunch of locations including San Diego, North Park, Newport Beach, Downtown LA and Malibu.

What are they wearing?
As we are a global brand we were shooting both the Northern Hemisphere Fall and Southern Hemisphere Spring 17 collections. You can check out all the gear via this link.

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